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  Frequently asked questions & answers
How do I register and create my account?
Creating an account on is both easy and free! To create an account you just need to click on “Sign Up” button on top-right hand side of website. Just fill the short registration form, and you will receive a link by email to verify your registration. Once clicked, you will be registered as member, and can enjoy all member privileges.

Can anyone become member? is a platform dedicated to home owners, builders, home buyers and tenants. The website was created to allow these individuals to connect directly without assistance of property agents or brokers. Thus, anyone apart from property broker or agent is welcome to join

How to take pictures that present your property like a PRO?


How do I put my property for sale or rent on

Placing a property on rent or sale is fairly easy. You need to follow following steps:


Step 1: Create an account on, and Log in

Signup Window |

Step 2: Go to home page, and click on “Post Property” icon

Post Property Buttons |

Step 3: Choose from different listing options, based on required features

Property Listing Options |

Step 4: Select listing Purpose, and fill all details requested in the form

Property Listing Form |

Step 5: Upload pictures and videos

Upload Property Pictures and Videos |

Step 6: Finalize map location

Plot Property on Map |

Final Step: Agree to terms and conditions, and submit listing for review. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming the listing

Accept Terms and Conditions |

You can review the interest in your property by logging into your account. You may also make revisions to the listing through your account.

What premium listings options are available, and how do they differ?

Apart from free listing, provides three premium listing options, namely SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. Each option offers different property promotion features. You can select the option that works best for you. 

Premium Listing Options

Can I list a premium property for free? If yes, then how? at its discretion comes out with exciting offers or programs that allow owners to avail premium listings at heavy discount. View the home page to get details of prevailing offers (if any). has the right to withdraw any offer at any time, without providing any advance notice. Users need to comply with all terms and conditions to avail an offer. 

How do I post video of my property?

Only Platinum Listings are allowed to showcase video of their property. You can list your property as a Platinum listing by clicking on flowing link:


Showcasing a video in Platinum listing is fairly easy. You just need to upload the video on YouTube using your Google account, and then paste the link in below field while listing the property.

YouTube Video Upload

If you do not know how to upload video on YouTube, please click here for instructions: 



  1. Only links from YouTube are allowed. Video links from other websites will not be accepted
  2. Ensure that YouTube link is in following format -
  3. Ensure that link starts with http and NOT https. Only http YouTube links are accepted, so please remove the ‘s’ from https YouTube links before copying them in the field provided
  4. Ensure that link is NOT from website

What does a Free or Basic property listing look like?

Screenshots of a Basic or Free listing are provided below:


Search Results Page

Search Results | Basic Listing

Basic Property Profie

Basic Property Profile |

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery |

Map Location

Map Location |

Additional Information related to Landmarks and Necessary Facilities

Additional Info | Basic |


What does a Silver property listing look like?

Silver Property Listing screenshots are mentioned below:


Search Results

 Search Results | Silver Listing |

Property Profile Page

 Silver Property Listing Profile |

Photo Gallery

Silver Lsiting | Photo Gallery |

Map Location

Silver Listing | Map Location |

Additional Information related to Landmarks and Necessary Facilities

 Additional Info |

What does a Gold property listing look like?

Gold Property Listing screenshots are mentioned below:


Search Results

 Search Results Gold |

Property Profile Page

 Gold Listing |

Photo Gallery

Picture Gallery |

Video Tour

 Property Video Tour

Map Location

Map Location |

Additional Information related to Landmarks and Necessary Facilities

Additional Info |

What does a Platinum property listing look like?

Platinum Property Listing screenshots are mentioned below:


Home Page Featured Listing

 Featured Listings

Search Results

 Search Results | Platinum Listing |

Property Profile Page

 Platinum Property Profile View

Photo Gallery

Picture Gallery | Platinum |

Video Tour

 Video Tour | Platinum Listing |

Map Location

Map Location | Platinum | BrokerGayab,com

Additional Information related to Landmarks and Necessary Facilities

Additional Info |

How to calculate covered area?

Covered Area is the total area under the roof of a property. It includes the area, which is wall-to-wall from outer faces of walls. Hence covered area is a sum of carpet area and width of walls. It does not include area covered by balconies, which is included in saleable area. You can calculate the covered area by measuring the dimension (along with wall width) for each room in following manner:


Room or Area  Length ( In Feet) Breadth (In Feet) Area (In Sqaure Feet)
Kitchen 12 7.5 90
Living Room 20 15 300
Bedroom 1  12 10 120
Bedroom 2 15 12 180
Bathroom 1 10 10 100
Bathroom 2 10 10 80
Total Covered Area



How to write a good property description?

Pictures are worth a thousand words; however, a good property description is still necessary to attract right attention towards your listing. You must remember that your listing is an advertisement, and thus you need to do your best to present it as well as you can. Here are few tips that can help you present your property effectively:


  • Give a Verbal Tour: The description should be written in such a way, so that you offer a verbal tour to the reader. The explanation should provide a walkthrough of the property, and help reader visualize the property. The sentences should provide commentary on how it is like to walk through the property. If a person is able to visualize, and relate his needs to what the property offers, you will get more relevant responses. Example below:


“The flat has a dual front steel and wooden door for added security. You enter directly into living room that has wooden flooring, and modern leather sofa from Durian. The dining area is also a part of the living area, and is provided with a 6-seater glass-top dining table. The living area has a large open balcony that provides view of the forest. As you enter further into the flat, you will find a modern kitchen fitted with modular kitchen on your right. The flat has two large bedrooms with large windows, and each room comes will Queen-size double beds and ample storage space. Both rooms have independent spacious bathrooms that were recently renovated, and come with modern fixtures. This modern and comfortable room is idea for both small families and bachelors”


  • Talk about Less Known Facts or Features: There are some features of a property that cannot be conveyed through pictures or data fields provided by; however, these may mean a lot to some buyers and tenants, and thus should be highlighted. These include:
    • Direction where the flat is facing, East / West facing flats have a lot of demand because of sunlight that they receive
    • Neighborhood: Talking about neighborhood adds a social feel to your listing. You should highlight proximity to grocery stores, malls, doctor, schools, etc. Also, providing a high-level overview of neighbors (family, bachelors, etc.) will attract interest from right individuals
    • Feng Shui / Vaastu: There is a growing fan-following of Vaastu and Feng Shui, and if your property is compliant with Vastu or Feng Shui, it definitely makes sense to highlight it
    • Recent Renovation or Upgrades: If you have recently renovated or upgraded a room or kitchen or complete flat, talking about it would attract more interest from buyer or tenants


  • Be Specific, Concise and DO NOT Exaggerate: Ensure that the description is specific and concise. Avoid excessive words, and try to convey an idea in least words possible. No one would have time to read through very long description that uses too many words to convey the message. Being specific also helps and if you can, you should specify brands of appliances and furnishings provided at the property. It will help a buyer or tenant, assess the fairness of the price demanded by you. However, stay truthful and do not exaggerate, as it will end up wasting your time, as you will get a lot of enquiries; however, these would not result in finalizing of a deal, as most individuals would back-out if they feel that you had exaggerated details in your listing.


  • Provide Image Description: Rather than just uploading a property image, please ensure that you provide description of photos. Details related to furnishings, room dimension, construction, etc. will provoke interest from prospective buyers or tenants.


Here are some more examples of well-written property descriptions:


Example Description for a Flat for Rent:

“Located in a society that is home to many educated families, the flat has a wonderful sea-facing view, and a lovely sea breeze welcomes you as soon as you step in the house. The flat has a spacious living room that is fitted with teak-wood cabinets and furniture. It has two spacious bedrooms with big wooden almirahs and balconies. The kitchen is fitted with modern modular furniture from Kutchina, and has ample space. The entire flat was recently renovated, and has new tiled flooring. The bathrooms are spacious and western styled, with modern fittings. The home is ideal for a small family, and will offer a comfortable and memorable stay to its occupants.”


Example Description for a Villa for Sale:

“Spacious 4BHK independent villa with two floors and independent garden built for luxurious living. Part of a gated-community, the villa offers the right mix of independent and community living. The gated-community offers all modern amenities, such as swimming pool, gym and tennis courts, and has 24x7 security & surveillance. The interiors of the villa are meticulously designed by renowned interior designer, and exude luxury. The living area cum dining area has marble flooring, and is designed with modern furnishings. All four rooms have connected bathrooms, and are fitted with spacious beds, almirahs and LED televisions. Bathrooms are large and modern, and fitted with fixtures from Jaguar. The villa also has a study and an entertainment room, which is fitted with a home-theatre system. The space is designed for top living, and anyone choosing to buy this villa will get the best of it”

How to take pictures that present your property like a PRO?


How do I search for my Dream Property on offers both basic and advanced search functionalities. The basic search window is available on the home page, and allows a user to quickly search available properties using key criteria. The info-graphics below explains how you can run basic search.

Basic Search

In case you are a kind of a person, who wants everything your way, and you want to dictate each and every feature of your dream property, we came up with Advanced Search feature for you. It that allows you to search properties that matches your exact specifications. You can go to advanced search window through the home page. We have provided two links as indicated below:

Advanced Search Options |

Apart from search criteria offered in Basic Search, the Advanced Search offers following additional criteria that can be used to conduct more focussed property search. The criteria presented for search would vary by property type and purpose of search (i.e. rent / buy). We have provided list of all additional available search criteria below:

  1. Locality ( you can select one or multiple localities)
  2. Number of Bathrooms
  3. Number of Balconies
  4. Age of Construction
  5. Furnishing 
  6. Ownership Type
  7. Covered Area
  8. Plot Area
  9. Amenities
  10. Post Date

 Advanced Search Window |

After you select your search criteria and run search, the results will be displayed for your review. offers functionality to further refine search results through a 'Refine Your Search' bar that appears on the left.

Refine Results in Search |

 Detailed list of criteria that can be used to refine search are mentioned below:

Refine Results |

What is a Watchlist?

Watchlist is a useful tool provided to registered users that allows you to shortlist and save properties and projects of interest for later review. Details are saved in user's personal account with a single click of the 'Watchlist' button. 

How do I add a Property to my Watchlist?

In order to add a property to Watchlist, user needs to be logged into the website using his/her Username and Password. Once logged in, a user can add a property to watchlist by clicking on “Add to Watchlist” button. The button can be found in property search results, as well as within the property profile page. The screen shot for the location of the buttons has been provided for your reference: 


“Add to Watchlist” button in Search Results

Add watchlist from search results

 “Add to Watchlist” button in Property Profile Page

 Add Watchlist from Property Profile Page

All properties saved in the watchlist can be reviewed by a user by logging into his or her account. Example screenshot below:

Watchlist in User Account

How can I contact a property owner? allows easy connection between registered users and property owners. After logging into your account, you can contact property owners in two ways:


First Method: You can send an SMS and an email to the owner directly through the website. This can be done by clicking on \'Send Email & SMS\' button. The property owner will receive your message, and respond as per his/her availability.


Second Method: BrokerGayab can send you email address and contact number of the property owner by email and SMS. You can receive the details by clicking the button "Get Contact Details\' and filling the details.


Both of the above options can be accessed through \'Property Profile\' page and \'Search Results\' page. Screenshots are shown below:


Property Profile Page

Contact owner from Profile page

Search Results Page

Contact owner from search results

How can I contact builder of a project that I am interested in? allows easy connection between prospective buyers and builders. After logging into your account, you can contact a builder using the contact form provided under each project profile. Your details will be passed to the builder, who will contact you directly.

Contact Property Builder |

What is your stand against property broker or agents?
We strongly discourage property broker or agents from joining Users are required to confirm that they are not broker or agents while registering on our website, and also while listing any property ads. Anyone found misrepresenting or falsely confirming to these declarations is considered in violation of terms and conditions, and will be removed and banned from the website.

How do you define a property broker or agent?
We consider individuals or companies assisting or advising in sale or lease of property in return for a brokerage fees or commission as a property broker or agent.

What mechanisms do you have in place to detect property brokers or agents that falsely represent themselves as individuals or builders?
We have multiple approaches to detect and remover property brokers or agents from our website. Our primary approach relies on our users, who have been provided with an option to flag properties that they find have been falsely listed by brokers. Based on the number of complaints our team investigates the true identity of such users. If complaints are found to be true, and a user is proven to be a property broker or agent, their membership will be canceled and they will be banned from listing on the website. In addition to the above, our team also randomly checks listings that are found to be suspicious.

How do I flag a property broker or agent?

If during your interaction with a property owner or builder, you realize that the ad has been posted by a property broker or agent, you can bring it to the attention of team by flagging the listing. In order to flag a listing, you simply need to click on “Flag the Listing” button on the property page, and submit the form by selecting the flag type as “Listing by Broker”. You may also provide more context in the message box to indicate the reason why you suspect that the listing is by a broker. For e.g. you may leave a message such as “Spoke with advertiser (Mr. Anil Gupta) on phone, and he is not the owner. He expects brokerage for a month if I lease the property”. Screenshots below:

Flag Listing in

Flag Broker

What do I get for flagging a property broker or agent?
Firstly, you get the satisfaction of keeping this community free of brokers and agents. Secondly, you save fellow users from contacting the same agent and wasting their time. also announces rewards for flagging brokers from time-to time.

What are different property ownership types?

There are following main property ownership types:


Freehold: An owner of a freehold property has unrestricted ownership rights over the real estate property. The owner has complete rights to develop or modify the property. Generally, single family homes and some town home units have freehold ownership rights.


Leasehold: Under leasehold ownership, a property is leased by the government to lessee for a fixed period, for example 99 years. After the duration of the lease, the government may ask the lessee to pay an amount to renew the lease or in some cases may even ask the lessee to vacate the property.


Co-operative Society: Cooperative society is a legal entity, which is formed when few people come together and build their own residential apartments or flats. Co-operative societies are very transparent in their operations, and all the details related to expenditure are available to all members. Hence, what you pay is your actual share of cost incurred in developing or maintaining the whole society.